We see many pet pigs at Calhan Veterinary Clinic!

 If your pig lives in your house with you, vaccinations are even more important. Regular visits to your veterinarian help ward off issues commonly seen in pet pigs such as parasites and ear infections.

We know it’s not always easy to bring your pig in, and they are not always as happy to see us as we are to see them! For this reason, we have created our “Pig Spa Day”. Leave your pig with us in the morning, and after relaxing with general anesthesia, she will have receive a complete exam, pedicure, teeth trim, ear cleaning, vaccinations and deworming.

Again, these visits offer an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have. We also have a chance to ensure the health of your pig is maintained. Pigs have special needs, and we are experienced with them!

We do ask that your pig arrive in a large crate – there is always someone available to help you bring them in to the clinic!

Pig Spa Day! Pet pigs require care of their teeth too, (along with other routine care). We take great care of Petunia Pig while she relaxes under a general anesthesia. We trim the tusks, which continually erupt and can cause a lot of damage to the pig, other animals, and people! Then we triim their feet, check/clean their ears, perform a complete exam, deworm and vaccinate them.